Features of cargo transportation in winter

Winter transportation of goods has its own characteristics and differs from transportation at any other time of the year. Timely delivery of cargo during this period is ensured by a team of professionals, which includes drivers, logisticians, mechanics, auxiliary harvesting equipment. The cost of transporting goods in winter is increased, as fuel costs increase, and Read More


A couple of weeks before the move, take an inventory of things, divide them into important and less significant. Those things that are not so important at first, it is recommended to deposit with relatives or friends. Consider the arrangement of things in a new place. You can plan on paper where you will place Read More

How to ensure the safety of cargo transportation

The transportation industry comes with certain risks. Here are the main ones: damage to cargo – chips and scratches, wetting from precipitation, damage to packaging, vandalism; theft – cargo can be stolen at night, during a forced stop; risk to the life and health of the driver. Responsibility for the objects of transportation is determined Read More


Transport the tool in dry, warm weather. Avoid vibration at any stage of transport. Avoid ingress of dust, dirt, moisture, foreign objects. Protect flooring from scratches. Loading and unloading of the piano is carried out manually, using wide belts. They are tied into loops and connected under the tool. Use rubberized gloves to prevent slipping. Read More